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turn your data into value

What we can do

services and competence areas of the company


Are you on a good way to your success? We can check and advise you on architecture of your (Big) system- data acquisition, integration, processing and modeling.

Proof of Concept

Are you not sure if your idea is able to create? Ask us to prepare Minimum Viable Product for you!


Do you want to move your idea into production? We can provide you a specific application for data processing supported and developed by our company.

About us

How we work and why you'll like us
Data is our huge passion!

We are group of IT specialists, which admire new technologies and have fun with applications the state-of-the-art solutions.

We worked for companies enabling value from their data. We sucessfully introduced Big Data and Data Science in companies like Samsung, Agora S.A., Pracuj.pl. We are aware of the full lifecycle of data-based product and variety of client needs.

We are proud we can be part of the most emerging business in this years. We actively participate in Big Data and Data Science community by presenting on conferences and contributing to open-source. We know the real value of a data-product is not only a software, but well understanding of data and suitable composition of all these components.

The top products arise from top players and valuable data. We know we can build the best products only by collaboration with you. We are happy to help you become the part of beautiful on-going Big Data history.

  • Data Integration
    Stream Processing
    Distributed Computing
    Data Warehousing

  • Predictive Modeling
    Machine Learning
    Recommendation Engines
    Natural Language Processing


glad to present you so enthusiastic and creative professionals

Wojciech Indyk

Data Scientist
Wojciech is a Machine Learning expert and talented programmer as well. He states everything can be represent by a graph structure. Wojciech believes in IT communities- he is an open-source contributor and like to present innovative topics on conferences and scientific journals.

Kamil Małachowski

Big Data Knight
Kamil is passionate a programmer and performance freak. He started his journey with Hadoop in 2012 at GG Network(polish IM). Currently Kamil works as Big Data Architect and his main focuses are scalable recommender systems.

Mateusz Chrobok

Cloud and Security Expert
Mateusz is a security hobbyist with experience in creation of HA and HPC systems based on Cloud solutions. Enthusiast of SDDC, open source and question driven development.

Wojciech Langiewicz

Software Engineer
Wojciech is a seasoned Software Engineer who worked on Hadoop and Big Data systems since 2010. Currently his primary interested is in Scala and modern distributed systems architectures including Akka or Spark.

Krzysztof Fonał

Software Engineer
Krzysztof is experienced and talented software engineer, however creating software is not enough for him. Krzysztof, as a good problem solver, enjoys scientific problems and hard research. He believes in randomness, black swans and feels difficulties behind nonlinear processes.

Roman Kierzkowski

Software Engineer/ Data Scientist
Roman is an ingenuous software developer with head full of ideas. He is Python enthusiast with passion for Data Science and Machine Learning. Roman contributed to the success of start ups from Silicon Valley and Europe. His hobbies are drones and 3D printing.