Scalar conference- the power of Scala community

It’s my second time on a Scalar Conference and I feel this is not the last one! The conference is located in Warsaw, Poland, so I’m very happy such event is in a town I’m living now.

Scala! Scala everywhere!

This year I can learn on type classes by Paweł Szulc, Eff Monad by Eric Torreborre and even Cats (framework) by Jan Pustelnik. I also can see how incremental compiling works thanks to deep dive presented by Krzysztof Romanowski. Dymytro Petrashko warned attendees on initialization order in Scala and after this class i felt I need to go back to basis again… I also appreciate presentations on new solutions written in Scala, like Swave by Mathias Doenitz and Akka-Cluster-ETCD by Maciej Białas. To be honest, it was hard to keep up all the presented knowledge, for such a beginner like me. Some more advance Scalarians took naps when speaker was explaining more basic stuff. Maybe it was a sophisticated tactic to gain a Lego set– a prize for the best meme on the conference.

There were also time for some relaxing lectures on topics I feel fluent on- timeseries predictions by Amira Lakhal and tackling 1 billion member of social network by Artur Bańkowski. The entire relax was provided on an after-party having chat on current gossips of Scala World and drinking golden refreshing drinks. 😉

All in all I can recommend the Scalar every person interest in Scala to feel the community vibe! It’s hard to believe there is still a niche language, but I hope it’ll change soon!